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Rainbow  HOW TO PLAY SNAP !!
‘Snap shooting’
It`s the key skill that is paramount to any Player,
from the guy just starting out to the guys at the top of the pro ranks.
Everyone who wants to perform well needs to practice this skill more.

What is a snap shooting ???
a player will lean out of cover to take a single shot before returning back to cover. To improve your snapshooting you aim to increase the accuracy of the shot whilst minimising the time and distance by which you leave your cover.

Why is it so important?

Good snapshooting wins gunfights and at the end of the day, paintball is a game where people fight – with guns! the player who stays tighter to their bunker, shoots more accurately and returns in and out of cover quicker has a higher chance of shooting the other player and less chance of being hit.

Often, you will find yourself in a position where your opponent is shooting a stream of paint at you / the gap between you and your next bunker (controlling/dominating).
You need to get into that bunker and the chances are, you’re not going to make it running through their paint. If you can snap out without getting hit and get the paint at least close to your opponent, they are going to flinch away from your paint, giving you a small window to get dominance, by putting them in the situation you were in – suppressed and having to try and shoot through your paint.

Snapshooting drills are the best time to analyse and improve your form, which will in turn improve your snapshooting, which will improve your form..
but you can see why this drill is key throughout one’s paintball career.
If you only ever worked on this one skill alone ?? your game will improve – whether you play tournaments, walk-ons, scenario, mil-sim, magfed or pump.

Use of cover

To learn how to effectively snapshoot, you first need to adopt good stance behind your cover. When using cover the easiest place to shoot from is that which allows you to stand / kneel , comfortably, with a straight, mostly vertical edge to lean in and out of. A vertical edge is best as shooting left or right and easier than fighting gravity to shoot over the top of your cover.
Also when using sides you can control who is able to see you – if you’re shooting over the top of your cover you can be shot from any angle!

Standing behind cover – toe to head

FEET :- have your feet shoulder width apart and pointing towards your opponent. FACE :- your target with your whole body,
DON`T :- stand side on as it will put you off balance and make it harder to change hands / sides. .. I know this ?? as I`ve done this so many times .
BE CAREFUL :- that your feet are not sticking out so that they can be shot.
Legs :- bend your legs slightly in an athletic stance ( as if your sitting down . Low ) so you`re ready to move if you need to.
BACK :- when you are holding a gun, you want to keep your back straight and relaxed as opposed to tensing up and hunching over. This helps you stay balanced and keeps your movements on one axis, you only need to worry about moving left and right and your pack wont be sticking out of the bunker to those shooting cross-field at you.

Arms: Bring the bottle of your gun to your shoulder and aim down the barrel. Keep the top of your hopper pointing straight upwards at all times throughout,
to minimise your profile and keep your elbow and wrist in place. You should hold your gun with your outside hand,

Head: Keep your head upright, and eyes on the Target.
keeping your head upright will keep you more relaxed and also more aware of your surroundings – you don’t want to miss the guy running down the field in your peripheral vision! Plus you’ll be able see where incoming paint is passing you.


You may not hit it first time, or the second but that’s why you’re here. Just freestyle it for a few turns until you feel comfortable hitting the target. When you’re ready, start thinking about every single piece of your body, ask yourself these questions in between shots:-

Are my feet staying on the floor? I personally had and sometimes still suffer from pulling my inside leg off the ground when I shoot – it looks bad and puts you off balance
Am I starting to hunch over my gun? Relax… Keep that back straight and your head up
Have I taken a breath since I started this drill? It’s easy to tense up and forget to breath! Remember to keep the oxygen coming in
Am I coming out of my bunker too far? You only need to leave the bunker far enough for the tip of your barrel to be past it so you can make a clear shot, don’t give them any more than the edge of your goggles, gun and arm
Am I coming back in far enough after my shot so that I’m behind cover and my opponent can’t see me? When training against an inanimate object, it’s easy to get sloppy and only come back halfway, an opponent can read where you are coming out or get a shot on you if they can see part of you permanently sticking out.
Could I make my movements quicker? Not as important than the above but once you’re getting accurate it’s time to start working on your speed. The faster you are the higher your chances of survival.
Most importantly, are you composed? If not take a deep breath, relax, picture someone doing yoga on an island in a tranquil pond, whatever works – stop yourself from tensing up, focus on the target, breath out, take the shot.

You want to be relaxed and level headed on the paintball field. I don’t think anyone on the field today stays calm and collected every single point, things happen and you get surprised or intimidated by an aggressor and you start to lose your cool, but the calmer you can remain the closer you become to maximising your odds of winning.
These are the fundamentals behind Snap shooting.
You will never be perfect, nobody is, but work at it every training session and you’ll see your survivability and your G-counts steadily rise.


Keep calm, focused and composed
Visualize your target at all times
Keep your gun up and pointing at the target at all times
Be aware of how you place your body
Don’t come out too far or come in too little
Minimize your movements
Increase your speed once you improve your accuracy
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