DYE now KEE ???? 2014
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DYE now KEE ???? 2014
Announced on PB Nation Yesterday, 31st January 2014 at 08:15 PM

KEE (Empire, RPS) closes Florida \ US Paint Plant
KEE closed their Florida paint production facility today, one of the last few remaining US factories producing paintballs.

EDIT: TLDR: it is true

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This is a sad day. I've personally been to the Florida paint plant several times to pick up paint and to see just how paintballs were made. We used to grab fresh paint direct from the factory when practicing in Florida and then drive down to play against teams like Strange when it was too cold to play in Chicago.

They simply made some of the best paint in the world. Unfortunately, John Robinson, KEE's CEO, confirmed today by phone that the plant is closed. It really sounded like it was a tough call they struggled with and one he didn't want to make. Robinson had this to say, "The planning and readiness for KEE’s new manufacturing model is unparalleled. We have been testing paint with players and customers for months.
KEE’s plant in Canada ... Who also make EMPIRE Paint ??? will now be making Marballizer, Evil and the world famous Ultra Evil paint in buildings managed by trusted employees day in and day out.
With the technology transfer and training that has gone into the move to Canada we can expect the same quality paint, but unfortunately it will not be made here in the States.
Additionally, KEE has invested equipment, training and process controls into two other facilities overseas that will make paint exclusively for KEE Action Sports.
KEE will not just buy paint from a third party. We will always have boots on the ground overseeing formulation and all processes."

This leaves APX and Nelson still making paint in the US.

I asked about the Dye paint and he politely declined to comment only saying whatever happens with Dye would be purely coincidental.
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RE: DYE now KEE ???? 2014
Paintball company KEE Action Sports closes Clearwater plant, cutting 109 jobs

KEE Action Sports, the biggest maker of paintballs in the world, has closed its Clearwater manufacturing facility and is shipping the bulk of the work to cheaper labor in Asia.
The closure means KEE is laying off 109 of its 110 plant employees, the company said in a mass layoff notice filed with the state Monday. Only one senior executive working there will be relocated.

CEO and president John Robinson said about a third of the production — "high- and mid-grade stuff" using higher quality paint — will be sent to the company's plant in London, Ontario. Most of the work will go to Asia through strategic partnerships with producers in Taiwan and China.

"It was a pure economic decision," Robinson said, citing a "glut in the marketplace" with international manufacturers that didn't exist even a few years ago. "We were just not able to compete."

"As you can imagine, it was a brutal decision to ultimately get to," he added.

KEE Action Sports, which pumps out about 5 billion paintballs a year, is an amalgamation of acquired sporting companies and has a dispersed organizational chart as a result. Its headquarters is in Sewell, N.J., while its CEO is based in Bentonville, Ark., the home of Walmart.

The Clearwater plant at 11399 47th St. N, which has been used by KEE for the last seven years, closed Thursday.

In a letter to the state, Robinson said employees will not be required to report for work unless requested to help decommission the facility. Employees will continue to receive pay and benefits until March 31.

After the layoffs, KEE will have about 170 employees remaining between Canada, a small office in the United Kingdom, and multiple distribution centers around the United States, including nine employees in sales and distribution in Tampa Bay.
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